To Ring or Not to Ring? The Engagement Trends Across the UK

To Ring or not to Ring? The Engagement Trends Across the UK

Did you know, 17 million Brits received their engagement ring after the proposal? Here are the engagement trends of the UK!

From the moment you meet the one, to falling in love with their perfect imperfections and committing to spending the rest of your life with that special person, there's no roller coaster in the world quite like it. It's no secret that at Diamond Heaven we are in love with love, and there's nothing we love more than an engagement.

With the wedding season coming to an end, the engagement season is just around the corner. 40% of proposals happen between November and February, and we wanted to know whether couples in the UK chose to go with traditions or go against the grain and start their own.

17 Million Brits Received a Ring after the Proposal

The days of hiding a ring and checking that it's in your pocket every 2.5 seconds are fading into the distance. Gifting a ring to your betrothed once you've popped the question is becoming a regular occurrence. Results had shown that this was down to spontaneous proposals to making sure the person in question says yes before splashing the cash. 2 out of 5 people chose their own engagement ring , which is another contributing factor.  

The Average Spend on an Engagement Ring is £1,650

The average cost engaged Brits spent/will spend on an engagement ring is almost £1,650.00 which is less than the one month's wage tradition, set by De Beers. An average month's salary sits around £1,990. However, London was the city topping the average spend on an engagement ring, with the majority forking out £4,700.00!

29% of Brits Propose with a Ring.

It's great to see that every three in ten Brits get down on one knee and present a ring when they propose. We know it's a typical Hollywood cliche to present a stunning 18-carat solitaire diamond ring  when you ask the love of your life for their hand in marriage, but it's also incredibly romantic.

500,000 People Don't Expect a Ring upon Proposal

Love is really all that matters when it comes to getting engaged, especially for the 500,000 Brits who don't expect a ring when their partner asked for their hand in marriage. Alongside this, the results had shown that couples felt two years was a good amount of time to be engaged before they tied the knot .

4% of People Never Received a Ring after getting Engaged.

Two million people were not gifted an engagement ring during or after their engagement *internal screams*. We know the engagement ring isn't the only thing that matters when you get down on one knee, but there's something wonderful about giving the love of your life a symbol of eternal love. We're intrigued to know if they'd received something else as a replacement...

If you're thinking about popping the question then don't forget to download our proposal tips guide  - it will help you create the proposal of a lifetime!