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Diamond Heaven Proposals

We love hearing the proposal stories of our customers: it's the highlight of what we do!

No matter who are, there comes a point in your life where you can't help but picture your big day, and more importantly how will your partner pop the big question. Everyone has their own unique tales, with each story just as cherishable and life-changing as the last. Whether you're hear to be embark on some fairytale beginnings or to gain some proposal inspiration, get prepared to feel overjoyed. At Diamond Heaven we love to hear about our customer proposal stories!

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Barry & Jodie's Story

Barry proposed to me on my birthday whilst we were on holiday in Mexico. The day started out great with breakfast in bed, then I headed off for a relaxing morning at the spa with treatments and champagne. When I got back to the hotel room I was amazed to see that Barry had been really busy.

There was rose petals leading from the door into the bathroom and bedroom. The bath was full and was overflowing with bubbles with rose petals. The bed was also covered in rose petals and towels arranged into a heart with two swans.

The surprises didn't stop there though, because when I got into the bath, he brought me in some chocolate-covered strawberries and some more champagne, which he'd also arranged on our first date!

The proposal was really sweet; he started a conversation about our wonderful time together and how happy I'd made him. He said that he wanted to spend his life trying to make me feel the same way, then he asked me to marry him!!