Diamond Heaven in Your Home

Diamond Heaven in Your Home

Diamond Heaven are coming to your house!

Although our stores are in gorgeous city locations, we understand that sometimes, it's just not possible to get to us in person - which is why we're rolling out a genius solution. We're bringing the sparkle of Diamond Heaven to you, in the form of Video Consultation.

Whatever your video chat service of choice, we'll find a way to get chatting to you.

It's all about being able to view the Diamond Heaven collections that you really want to see, up close and personal - from the comfort of your sofa, bed, wherever you may choose. The best way to buy jewellery is to see what you're getting. Now, that's possible everywhere.

We've all seen home shopping channels. This is better. This is personalised. You can take your pick of our stock, don't wait around for the show to start and you can ask the questions. It's a personal shopping experience, from the comfort of your personal space. We've thought of it all.

Wherever you are, we believe that our Diamond Heaven customers deserve the very best. You'll be receiving the full Diamond Heaven personal shopping experience that's as special as the jewellery you are adding to your collection.

Now, you can fill a half an hour window, by having a browse of our amazing collections and asking questions, before you make that all-important purchase. No time wasted. Imagine, it's a Saturday afternoon and the only time you had to travel to our store has been taken up by another task. You don't want to wait another week to be available again, and why should you have to?

Why should Birmingham and London have all the fun? Video Consultation makes sure that living in another city means you don't miss out at all. Did you know that many jewellery stores don't actually have their diamonds in stock? We're as shocked you. Which is why we're so excited about our new service. You can see the gorgeous diamonds you're buying - right in front of your face!

Are you as excited as we are? Diamond Heaven video consultation coming soon!