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Diamond Pendants

Diamond pendants make the perfect finishing touch and the ideal way to wear your diamonds close to your heart.

All of our diamond pendants are elegantly crafted and beautifully styled to make a dazzling addition to your neckline. With designs ranging from classic solitaire to more contemporary heart and cross designs, you will find the perfect style for you at Diamond Heaven.

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What should I consider before buying a diamond pendant?

When buying any diamond jewellery, you should consider the 4Cs - cut, clarity, colour and carat. These will determine how your pendant looks, how it sits, and how much you can spend. All of our diamond jewellery is independently ertified, meaning that you know everything about its origins and condition.

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What to wear with a diamond pendant?

A diamond pendant is a classic piece. It dresses the neckline delicately and adds a touch a sparkle to your look. Diamond pendants look simply beautiful with a simple v-neck or lower cut style, allowing it the space to really shine.


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