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Our Story

Diamond Heaven Timeline

  • The Launch of Diamond Heaven

    Diamond Heaven was founded on the 26th of November 2004 with the mission to provide diamond jewellery to a larger audience via the worldwide web. We decided to base ourselves in the Birmingham Jewellery Quarter; this enabled us to work with some of the most skilled jewellery craftsmen in the country.

    Our first site was launched a short time later giving customers the chance to shop for exquisite diamond jewellery from the comfort of their own home.


    Throughout our early years we wanted to ensure our customers felt 100% comfortable with what they were buying. It was then we made the decision to open our first viewing suite. Here our customers could select the items they wished to view online; we would then have them ready and waiting on the required date.

    Due to the increase in demand our team expanded to include expertly trained jewellery consultants to ensure every question prospective customers had would be answered.

    This mix of online shopping and real life viewing opened a whole new way for customers to shop with us and laid the foundations for our future.

  • Bringing our Jewellery to you

    Reflecting on our initial years and the popularity of our viewing we still wanted to find a way for those customers who could not travel to see us to still receive the same insight as customers who could. It was at this point we decided to improve our sites interactive features.

    Our first step was to introduce interactive videos of our diamond engagement rings. This way customers could view them from a variety of angles and get more of a feel as to how the ring would look in person.


    The feedback we received for this feature was fantastic, bringing our beautiful range into our customers’ homes.

  • New Additions

    During this time we went through changes both internally and externally. With the change in customer requirements we started to stock a lot of Independently Certified Diamonds. We also made additions to our range, with new designs being added on a weekly basis.


    It was at this point we decided a change was needed. After extensive market research we embarked on re-developing our website.

  • The Re-Launch of Diamond Heaven

    In early 2010 the re-development of our website was completed. The result was a sleek, easy to use website.

    Our new site proved to be a huge success with our customers, this then lead perfectly into the next stage of our history.

    A New Home

    In late 2010 the opportunity arose for us to secure our first Diamond Heaven showroom. Due to our daily requests for viewings it made perfect sense. The building itself had been closed for around 5 years and required a lot of repairs. Never to be put off by a challenge we started our search for a shop fitter.

    Stage 1

    A lot of the fixtures and fittings in the building were in need of replacement, after appointing one of the U.K’s leading shop designers the work began.

    Stage 2

    With a blank canvas to work with we were able to design our ideal store. Everything was brand new from the display cases, the lighting and much more. We wanted to have a fresh feel from traditional jewellery stores so we opted for a more modern look.

    Stage 3

    In an amazing two months the work was completed and we were left with a stunning modern jewellery store. While we were extremely pleased our customers would ultimately have the final say.

    Our store opening proved to be a huge success. Customers could view our extensive range in person, with our jewellery experts on hand to answer any questions they may have.

    We also wanted to add something a little different to our in store experience, something customers would not have seen elsewhere. As all our diamonds are independently certified we decided to display them loose, this enables customers to view different qualities and pick the exact diamond for them. They’re also able to pick the mount they would like the diamond to be set into, giving an added personal touch to the selected piece.

    This method has proved to be a great success, adding a bit more fun to diamond shopping while also helping our customers have a greater understanding of diamonds before purchasing.

  • More Diamonds!

    Moving forward from our store opening we have invested heavily in improving our range and stock. We now stock GIA/IGI/AGI diamonds in round and princess from 0.20ct all the way up to 4.00ct. Each of these is hand sourced at only the best prices. We have a fantastic stock of fancy shape diamonds such as Cushion, Radiant and Emerald all available to view.

    We have also ventured into coloured diamonds with the launch of our highly successful yellow diamond range.

    With regularly market research undertaken we have improved our exquisite halo and bridal set engagement rings extensively.

    Continuing our commitment to educating our customers who are looking for a diamond we filmed a series of videos to help along the way.

    To date our education videos have garnered in excess of 120,000 views on our YouTube channel, proving to be a great success.

  • 2014 Hatton Garden

    With an ever increasing customer base the possibility of another showroom was inevitable, however we wanted to ensure the location would benefit any of our customers who could not reach us at our current location.

    As we are already based in one of the countries jewellery quarters it was an easy choice to locate ourselves in the prestigious Hatton Garden.

    Here we will offer an appointment based viewing service for all of our customers, with ranges of loose diamonds and beautiful setting all available.

    The Future?

    We are always looking to improve and expand our business. To keep up to date with all the latest developments follow us on one of social networks or read our blog.

  • 2015 A New Addition

    We're always on the lookout for more exciting products to add to our range. Improving quality or looking for new invitations is at the forefront of what sets us apart from our competitors.

    In early 2015 we started to look at our Eternity Rings in detail and just felt we could increase not only our product range but also the quality.

    Traditionally most diamond rings are cast, a mould of the design is made and then the molten metal injected in to make your ring.

    We discovered a new method where rather than cast would be to make each eternity ring out of a solid tube. The tube would be in whichever metal desired such as Platinum or Gold, however using this method it allowed us to make our rings even stronger. This method of making also allows for a greater flexibility in designs and some of the more difficult to set diamond shapes.

    You can view our eternity ring range here

    Coloured diamonds

    Carrying on the theme of new additions we also ventured in to the world of coloured diamonds. Most people would attribute a diamond of a yellow or even a brown colour to be a lower quality. Not strictly true!

    We've found that especially in fancy shapes such as Cushion and Oval cut diamond a yellow diamond can give a completely different look.

    Here's one we made earlier.

    All our coloured diamonds are natural rather than laser treated. We even had a small melee of pink diamonds for a special customer order.

    You can view our Yellow Diamond range here

  • 2016 Gemstones

    As the name gives away we're diamond specialists. However there are some stunning gemstones in the world. They can act as a fantastic compliment to any diamond ring. With a range of stunning colours from Blue Sapphires, Pink Sapphires, Emerald and Ruby you'll find the colour for you.

    All our Gemstone Diamond Rings can be viewed here.


    We've always had a fantastic customer base in the north of the U.K and when the opportunity arose to open a new store in Manchester we jumped at it.

    Based in the Royal Exchange Arcade we turned a previous coffee shop into a beautiful Diamond Showroom. Just above is the breathtaking Royal Exchange Theatre; host to some fantastic productions.

    We swear the cones are gone…

    …we've covered up the hole too.

    Boss still has the same bag though!

    The results were extremely pleasing. A lot of hard work from our shop fitters in a listed building meaning regulations were strict, the finished article is fantastic.

    To book an appointment or for more information on how to visit Manchester click here.

  • 2017 London Showroom

    We have been based in Hatton Garden London since the middle of 2014. At the time of our move we were unsure of the demand so only took a small office to star with. The demand for our services were far higher than expected and we grew out of the small suite very quickly. After multiple shuffles of furniture and displays we finally found a suitable office. With quadruple the space we could offer our customers the experience we really wanted. Taking a look at the images I'm sure you'll agree!

    To book an appointment or for more information on how to visit Hatton Garden, London click here.

  • Gemstone Jewellery

    Back in 2016 we started our foray into Gemstone Jewellery. During the last few years the popularity of the Gemstone collection has led to us adding even more products.

    We continued to focus on expanding our collection of Sapphire, Emerald and Ruby jewellery. 2018 so far has seen the return of gemstones in Engagement Rings in a big way, complimented by diamonds we can't disagree!


    During late 2017 we'd started looking for a new location to open our next Diamond Heaven Store. Manchester had been going strong, so we decided to look northern of the boarder. We'd had frequent visitors from Scotland and after some initial market research it became apparent Glasgow would be the perfect city for us.

    We settled on the Princes Square Glasgow. Princes Square is a stunning building located in central Glasgow. The square was part of a £7.5m redevelopment and houses many beauty and fashion brands as well as a great selection of restaurants and bars.

    Work started in early February and the store opened late April to customers. The store itself is one of the best looking we've ever produced, allowing customers to openly browse or sit down for a more in-depth consultation depending on their requirements.

    You can book an appointment in our Glasgow store by clicking the link here.

  • Cardiff

    Our customer base in Wales has always been strong, so the next natural step was to open a store to make us even more accessible.

    When looking for a suitable location, St David’s Dewi Saint in Cardiff stood out. Located just a few minutes’ walk from Cardiff station and with a fantastic range of shopping and dining, it was only right to make this our new home!

    We opened in April 2019 offering our range of Engagement Rings, Diamond Rings, Eternity Rings, Wedding Ring and fine diamond jewellery.

    If you would look to book an appointment with our Cardiff store, please click here.

  • 2020

    As everyone will be aware this was quite a challenging year for all businesses.

    To help customers who were restricted to shopping online we launched our ring builder site allowing customers to view diamonds individually with high quality images and videos.

    During the summer we launched our first range of lab grown diamonds.

    The demand has been extremely high due to customers looking for a more ethical choice as well as a lower price point.

    Starting out with lab grown diamonds certified by the IGI we have also started selling GIA lab grown diamonds.

    You can view our lab grown range here.

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