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Diamond Heaven Blog

Are Classic Wedding Rings a Thing of the Past?

09 November 2020

For the bride and groom, the most important part of the big day is the tying of the knot with the symbol of a ring. However, choosing which wedding...

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2021 Engagement Ring Trends

19 October 2020

As we head towards the end of 2020, our thoughts are already turning to 2021. This is our first look at the engagement ring trends for 2021 featuring...

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Modern Engagement Rings Inspired by Vintage Styles

25 September 2020

Vintage has become trendy as many people reminisce over the styles and trends from years gone by. However, the word vintage is used so much we can...

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Blue Sapphire Engagement Rings Guide

21 September 2020

 Blue sapphires are a popular gemstone with a distinctive beauty that has made them a firm favourite of royalty for centuries. In recent years,...

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Guide to Bridal Sets

02 September 2020

Buying an engagement ring is one of the biggest things you will ever do in your life. As popping the question is a truly special occasion, you want a...

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What is a Pre-engagement Ring?

17 July 2020

Pre-engagement rings are for some people a huge step in their commitment to each other before they can become engaged. These rings are bought by...

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Which Diamond Cut Is Best?

12 June 2020

Agonising over finding the perfect engagement ring is one thing, but choosing the ideal diamond shape is another. Diamonds can be cut and polished in...

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Floral Engagement Rings for Spring

06 March 2020

When it comes to choosing engagement rings, it can be tricky to determine the best style that would suit you. Floral engagement rings provide a...

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The Top 10 TV Weddings of All Time

28 February 2020

From iconic fictional weddings to royal nuptials, TV weddings are watched by millions every year. In fact, when it comes to TV characters or members...

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Engagement Ring Trends in 2020

21 February 2020

The fashion industry constantly evolves, as items that are considered stylish one year may no longer be deemed fashionable in future. Fine...

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