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5 Best Luxury Stocking Fillers For Her in 2021

03 December 2021

Find the perfect luxury stocking fillers for her this year, from necklaces to rings and everything in between.

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How Much Are Pearls Worth?

26 November 2021

How much are pearls worth? From freshwater to saltwater, we explore what determines a pearl’s value.

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A Guide to November’s Birthstone

19 November 2021

What colour is November birthstone? We explore Topaz and Citrine, November’s birthstones and look at some of our favourite November jewellery.

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Engagement Gift Ideas

08 October 2021

Getting the right engagement gift can be a difficult task. Our team have come together to offer some of their favourites as inspiration.

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How to Pick the Right Ring For Your Star Sign

01 October 2021

Discover the perfect jewellery piece for you or a loved one based on their star sign.

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The Best Graduation Jewellery Gifts

06 August 2021

A graduation ceremony is one of those life events that will remain with both the student and their proud family members for the rest of their lives.

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What Does A Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring Mean?

16 July 2021

Canary yellow diamonds are the most popular amongst rare coloured diamonds and are symbolic of wisdom, long-lasting happiness and love.

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The Meaning of Ruby Jewellery

02 July 2021

It's undeniable that there is something quite mystical about ruby jewellery, whether it's the connection to royalty or their healing properties.

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A Simple Guide to Upcycling Jewellery

24 June 2021

Jewellery upcycling offers many benefits to the planets, your wallet and more importantly helps you to treasure found memories.

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Jewellery Insurance Tips

07 May 2021

To minimise the heartache of losing your beloved earrings or diamond ring, take a look at our jewellery insurance tips.

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