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5 Ways to Make an Engagement Ring More Meaningful

22 August 2019

Make your partner's engagement ring truly unique with these tips.

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The Meaning of Wishbone Rings

19 August 2019

If you’re looking for a diamond engagement ring or wedding ring, then consider a wishbone ring.

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Engagement Rings for Minimalist Brides (or Grooms) To Be

05 August 2019

We’ve pulled together our favourite minimalist engagement rings.

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Top Bridesmaids Gifts

30 July 2019

Bridesmaids gifts are an excellent way to show your gratitude, and they don’t have to break the bank.

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Ruby - The Birthstone of July

09 July 2019

Ruby is the birthstone of July, and one of the rarest gemstones in the world.

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Hypoallergenic Earrings for Sensitive Ears

23 July 2019

If you’ve ever worn a pair of earrings and the area has become inflamed, itchy or irritated, there’s a good chance you might be allergic to the metal.

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Anniversary Jewellery Gift Ideas For Him

02 August 2019

Anniversaries are a very important occasion for a couple to celebrate their love for one another.

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The GIA Have Added Country of Origin Reports for Coloured Diamonds

13 June 2019

On June 4th 2019, online publication Jewellery Focus reported that the GIA added Country of Origins Reports for natural coloured diamonds.

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Ways To Celebrate Pride This Year

17 June 2019

Celebrate & honour diversity this year to show support to our LGBT friends & family.

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The Easiest Way to Pay for an Engagement Ring

09 July 2019

From buying a ring on finance to saving, we look at ways you can purchase a diamond ring.

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