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Why Is A Tennis Bracelet Called A Tennis Bracelet?

07 July 2015
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Find Out Why is a Tennis Bracelet Called a Tennis Bracelet by Diamond Heaven.


The term Tennis Bracelet was coined by professional tennis player Chris Evert, who had a prolific career which stemmed from 1972 to 1989.

Tennis Bracelets are beautiful and stunning pieces of wrist jewellery, with a number of elegant and dazzling designs available.

On a daily basis we're asked "Where did tennis bracelets get their name?" You may think that the tennis bracelets have been around for hundreds of years, but this is not the case. Diamond Tennis Bracelets come in a wide range of styles and have a variation of clasp types. Read on to find out about the origins of the Tennis Bracelet.

History of the Tennis Bracelet  

The term Tennis Bracelet was coined  thanks to Chris Evert, a professional tennis player from the USA, who had a prolific career which stemmed from 1972 to 1989. During a ferocious match in the US Open her George Bedewi diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist.

This occurred due to the clasp on her bracelet snapping. Chris Evert actually asked the officials on the court if they could stop the match, until the diamond bracelet was recovered. Ever since that memorable moment, George Bedewi immediately became popular within the jewellery industry and jewelers everywhere were creating a bracelet with handmade in line diamonds and secure clasps. This is now known as the "Tennis Bracelet".

So, when you switch on to watch the tennis this week you may notice the likes of Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova sporting some of exquisite bracelets.

How to pick the perfect Tennis Bracelet?

When it comes to purchasing a tennis bracelet, you need to consider what lifestyle you have. We now know that tennis stars are wearing them, so if you do have an active/sporty lifestyle or you purely fancy a change from heavy bangles, then you should definitely consider investing in one of these beautiful pieces.

Don't forget, you don't want a Chris Evert moment. So for this particular design of bracelet it's important to make sure they aren't too loose otherwise they may snag. Those that are too tight can pinch or stretch so getting the perfect fit is important. You can always pop in and see us if you wish to get the perfect measurements and sizes.

One important feature that you will want to be sure that your diamond tennis bracelet includes is a safety clasp that will keep your bracelet, firmly and secure on your wrist, just incase the original clasp was to come open or worse, break.

Most Diamond Tennis Bracelets will come equipped with this feature, especially if the bracelet piece falls into the higher price bracket.

Tennis Bracelet Styles  

Single Row Tennis Bracelets  

One of the most simplistic designs comes in the form of the Single Row Tennis Bracelet. This piece of jewellery truly represents a classical and timeless piece. It consists of a single row of handcrafted diamonds, which encircle the wrist.

Available in a number of metals and with a number of diamond carat possibilities, they really are gorgeous and elegant pieces of jewellery, perfect for both day to day wear and special occasions

Double Row Tennis Bracelets  

The Double Row Tennis Bracelets has a slight twist on the traditional bracelet. This magnificently crafted piece is embedded with two rows staggering diamonds. The additional line of diamonds will make any outfit stand out, a truly breathtaking design, which can also be made with a number of metal settings and diamond carats.

Three Row Tennis Bracelets  

When it comes to choosing the Three Row Tennis Bracelet, it does really indicate you are pulling out all the stops, as this is a truly elegant and stand out piece. Encrusted with a staggering three row of diamonds, this head turning design is for that special occasion, where you feel like you want to be the centre of attention.

Four Row Tennis Bracelets

The showstopper of all tennis bracelet is the ultimate luxurious Four Row Tennis Bracelet. Consisting of a staggering four rows of diamonds, in a set metal of your choice, this design is the ultimate prized possession. So if you decide to invest in one of the bracelets, you can have something to pass on in your family for generations to come.

Tennis Bracelet Clasp Types  

There are a number of different tennis bracelet clasp types  - here are three of our favourites!

Spring Ring Clasp  

The Spring Ring Clasp is the most common form of jewellery clasp you'll find in bracelets. This clasp features a metal ring with a spring mechanism that is triggered by pulling back a small lever. This clasp type is elegant, versatile and secure - perfect for a diamond tennis bracelet!  


Lobster Clasp  

Similar to the Spring Ring, the Lobster Clasp is another common form of jewellery clasp, and clasp features a metal oval ring with a spring mechanism that is triggered by pulling back a small lever. This clasp type is sturdy, versatile and secure - perfect for a four row diamond tennis bracelet!  


Barrel Clasp  

The Barrel Clasp features two metal pieces that screw together and look like a barrel. This style clasp can be very fiddly, but is incredibly secure.

We can't thank Chris Evert enough, without her, we wouldn't have had these beautiful pieces of jewellery. We hope you have learnt a little bit about the history of the Tennis Bracelet and how to choose the perfect one. We have a huge range of designs available, so if you are interested in tennis bracelets, our wider range of diamond bracelets, or maybe even our tennis necklaces, please feel free to browse online or, alternatively you could visit one of our stores in Birmingham, London or Manchester