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What Carat Should An Engagement Ring Be?

03 August 2017
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The average weight of a diamond in a diamond engagement ring in 0.9 carats - if you’re planning on getting engaged then this guide is for you!

The average weight of a diamond in a diamond engagement ring in 0.9 carats - if you're planning on getting engaged then this guide is for you!


When it comes to getting engaged, there are a lot of to think about. From wondering how much should you spend on an engagement ring to thinking about where you should propose and what precious metal should you choose, we know there's a million and one things to consider.  


A common question we often get at Diamond Heaven is ‘how many carats should an engagement ring be?' First things first, do not try and reach the average carat size if you don't have the means to do so. You should always get something you can afford. Your engagement ring is a symbol of your love and a new beginning together - don't start your future in debt (unless you've got a sensible financing option of course).


What does Carat mean?

A carat is a unit of measure for precious stones and pearls. A carat is equivalent to 200 milligrams. You can find out more about diamonds on the GIA scale.. The largest diamond ever sold at an auction was an 118-carat egg sized diamond that went for $30.6 million at Sotheby's in Hong Kong. But don't worry - that's nowhere near the price or size of an average engagement ring! It's also important to remember that engagement and wedding traditions differ in every culture, it isn't one size fits all!


What's the average Carat size for an engagement ring?

What's the average carat size for an Engagement Ring?

Carat size by country


As you can see, the average diamond carat size and price really does fluctuate in different countries. This is because a lot of people place emphasis on the size of the diamond, making it become a measurement of love rather than a symbol of a new beginnings and ultimate commitment. In some cases, people are embarrassed to give their beau a smaller diamond - especially in comparison to the rocks on their friends and families fingers.


How does the size of a diamond affect the price?

As soon as you let the size of the diamond influence the budget, you'll either find yourself in a lot of debt, or you may be sacrificing the clarity of the diamond. If you've got a budget of £2,200 and you want to reach the average of 0.6 carat, you'll need to make sure you've got enough for the setting as well. The chances are the quality of the diamond you get will be quite poor. We always recommend buying a smaller diamond with a much better cut - this will always determine how brilliant the diamond will be. A sparkly diamond can hide inclusions, mask colour and even look larger.


How to get the best Engagement ring for you money?

Wanting to buy the largest diamond engagement ring you can afford is understandable, but it is crucial that you don't sacrifice quality for an extra 0.2 of a carat. Here are a few tips to help you get the best diamond engagement ring for your money:

  • Get the best cut possible - as we said earlier, the cut will determine how brilliant a diamond will be. Remember-  the highest quality diamond will not shine to its potential and be very dull if the cut is poor. The best cut means you can save money on color and clarity.

  • Look for a diamond slightly under the magic numbers. What are these magic numbers? Every 0.5 carats. At these weights, diamond sellers will demand significantly more. If you go just below a magic number, you might be able to buy a diamond for as much as 25% less than the asking price.

  • Choose a diamond lower in clarity. Clarity is one of the best ways to save money. Most flaws in a diamond are almost impossible to see with the naked eye. VS2 diamonds. And SI1, SI2, or even I1 diamonds could literally save you thousands.

  • Think about the metal you want. Yellow gold or Rose gold will be so much cheaper than white gold or platinum. This is because you can choose a diamond lower in colour, allowing for huge savings.

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