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Unique Tennis Bracelets, Three Showstopping Christmas Presents

24 December 2015
Image for Unique Tennis Bracelets, Three Showstopping Christmas Presents

Show your love this Christmas with a stunning Tennis Bracelet

Christmas is just around the corner gentlemen and you know that special lady in your life is just going to pick the perfect present for you; something thoughtful, wonderful, something you've always wanted and just give you the perfect Christmas.

That puts you in the difficult position, how can you compete against them?

Surprise your special lady at Christmas with a unique present this year, give them a unique tennis bracelets. Make her Christmas memorable and special with a unique and beautiful Tennis Bracelet.

Here at Diamond Heaven, here's three absolutely stunning pieces that will make the perfect Christmas present.

Classic Single Row Diamond Tennis Bracelet

A simple but no less stunning piece, this classic single row diamond tennis bracelet, elegant and charming piece that will make a wonderful stocking stuffer this Christmas. A row of flawless, perfect diamond set in a metal of your choice, this tennis bracelet is a wonderful piece.

Unique Modern Round Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This piece is gorgeous. An elegant round diamond designer bracelet, this bracelet is something different, something unique compared to traditional tennis bracelets. Made of a chain of tiny stunning diamonds, each more beautiful than the last, set in prongs and linking together over a range of metals. The choice of metal can create an almost entirely new piece from how the colour of the metal glisten with the diamonds.

This is a very modern, very chic piece of jewellery.

Elegant Diamond and Blue Sapphire Tennis Bracelets

A more traditional piece, this elegant diamond and blue sapphire tennis is an absolute treasure. Inspired by the Princess Diana/Kate Middleton engagement ring, this piece features a number of stunning and flawless sapphires, surrounded with a halo of beautiful diamonds. Admirers of vintage jewellery or styles would simply adore this tennis bracelet as it oozes a timeless charm and beauty that never goes out of style. 


These are just three designs of tennis bracelets, have a look at what else we can offer. If you're looking for something different, unique or just unsure, get in touch with one of our consultants and we'll advise you on creating that perfect piece.