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The Meaning Behind Two Stone Engagement Rings

21 January 2022
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We explore the meaning behind two stone engagement rings and look at how their unique history has led to such popularity.

You may have seen the popular two stone style appearing on more and more engagement rings. This design was all the rage in the latter part of the 19th and into the early 20th century and has seen a resurgence thanks to stars like Emily Ratajakowski & Ariana Grande wearing them. 

The beautiful ornate design encompasses two or more stones on each ring and represents two souls falling in love and becoming intertwined. This meaningful story and celebrity appeal means two stone diamond rings have been thrust back into the spotlight, becoming one of the hottest trends of the last few years. 

History of Two Stone Diamond Rings 

Some jewellery and fashion historians believe that the 2 stone diamond ring trend dates back to 1776 and a young Napoleon proposing to his wife-to-be Josephine. The ring featured two pear-shaped stones; one sapphire and one diamond.

At the time, Napoleon was a 26 year old soldier, a far cry from his eventual role as Emperor. He was not a rich man by any means and the ring bought for Josephine would have certainly been difficult for him to afford. Eventually, the ring settings became known as the ‘toi et moi’ ring, or the ‘you and me’ ring.

On the 250th anniversary of Josephine’s birthday in 2013, the ring was sold at auction. It fetched $1.17m - 47 times what was expected. Since this famous ring first attracted attention there have been many other notable iterations - President John F. Kennedy, for example, gave a two stone ring featuring an emerald and diamond to Jaqueline Lee Bouvier when he proposed in 1953.

Two & Three Stone Ring Meaning

The appealing look and designs of these multi-stone engagement rings hold deep meaning. Two stone rings symbolise the love and friendship between two partners as they commit to each other through marriage. The intertwined design and ‘you & me’ setting are seen as a powerful symbol that represents a strong and everlasting love. 

Three stone rings also hold particular meaning although they are not as clear cut. Some people believe that three stone rings represent the bond between lovers, family members and close friends while others like to think of the past, present and future being represented. One of the beautiful things about multi-stone rings is that you can decide precisely what your ring represents with your partner. 

Two and Three Stone Ring Styles

Both two and three stone rings come in a variety of styles, allowing the buyer to find the perfect one for them. Each style features a different stone cut with the most popular choices being round and princess. However, don’t be put off from trying a ring with other cuts as emerald, oval and marquise all work well. 

A good rule of thumb to remember when selecting your stones is that they should be the same size and shape. This way they will blend together nicely, giving the ring a well balanced look. However, if uniform sizing isn’t for you, try a three stone ring with the centre gem slightly bigger. This breaks up the design and can help emphasise the meaning you’ve associated with the centre stone.

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