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The History of the Halo Engagement Ring

07 August 2015
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Halo Engagement Rings are one of the most sort after designs of the modern day, but not many people know their history.

Halo Engagement Rings are one of the most sort after designs of the modern day and it's easy to understand why so many brides-to-be are after the beautiful Halo setting.

Despite the vast demand of this particular design, people are not actually aware of the history of the Halo Engagement Ring and the incredible journey it's been on.


What is a Halo Engagement Ring?

Halo Engagement Ring 

The Halo Engagement Ring is a timeless design, with a unique setting that encircles a beautiful centre gemstone and is available with round and micro-pavé diamonds. The setting of diamond is a truly eye catching design, as all of the attention will be on the stunning handcrafted stone.

One of the features many people love about the Halo Engagement Ring is that outer diamonds actually make the central diamond look a lot larger; resulting in a show stopping piece.

Halo Engagement Ring

The History Of The Halo Engagement Ring

The 1920's has always been associated with chic and elegant jewellery designs that were intended to be decorative and aesthetically pleasing. This is where the Halo Engagement Ring was born.

The initial design was a truly stand out piece. The central stone would be surrounded by smaller round diamonds or alternatively if the buyer was wealthy, they could choose pearls. These beautiful central stones were either a rounded or cushion-cut design and the diamonds which were surrounding it were not the micro diamonds, you see in today's halo settings. They were slightly more intricate and smaller round diamonds, which ultimately gave the appearance of an opulent picture frame, resulting in very elegant piece.

During this particular period, jewellers started utilising variations of gems which they had at their disposal for the show stopping center stone. These included: Sapphires, Rubies and Turquoise. They also began to include various kinds of patterns such as milgrain and filigree, which are still used in modern day Halo Engagement Ring designs.

As the years went by and the 1950's rolled around the more luxurious styles of those past generations began to make a comeback in popular fashion. This included the increase of colourful flourishes, which graced our presence in the Victorian era. As jewellery designs progressed into the 1960's and 70's, these unique stand out styles continued to develop. This then led to the decline in popularity of the classic Halo Engagement Ring, between the 70's and the 90's.

However, the ongoing popularity of vintage items of the 21st century has actually brought back the simplistic classical design to the top of people's wish lists. The demand for a classic Halo Engagement Ring is a must have, amongst modern day fiancee's.

Styles and designs are constantly changing, but at this moment in time the classic design is a popular choice, whether this choice is here for the long term, we are not sure. But what we do know is that it's a truly magnificent, elegant and timeless style which we are sure will never completely go away, as history as so well proven.


The Halo Ring Options

Choosing the right metal:

One of the most popular choices of metals for a Halo Engagement Ring is traditionally 18ct White Gold or Platinum, but you shouldn't just stop there as there is a huge variety of Halo settings available. A fantastic choice for a Halo Engagement Ring is 18ct Yellow Gold, as it subtly compliments a huge selection of gemstone colours and diamond cuts in particular.

Two-tone settings are also a very popular choice amongst people nowadays, as they have a slightly modern twist on a classic metal colour and it can be a truly complementary choice for all diamond settings.

Halo Engagement Ring 

The Cut of the Diamond:

Similar to Solitaire Engagement Rings the Halo Engagement Ring can feature a number of truly beautiful diamond cuts such as: Round, Princess, Ovals, Emerald-cut, Pear, Cushion Cut and Marquise diamonds.

Halo Engagement Ring 

When choosing a particular diamond cut, it's very important to do a little background research on the true meanings of particular diamond shapes, to see if it truly matches your loved one's personality and more importantly style. Whatever cut you decide to choose, we can assure you it will be a truly eye catching piece and will also give you the extra radiance that you're looking for.

Should you have any questions about our Halo Engagement Ring range of its history then please contact us today or book a consultation with one of our experts.