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6 Wedding Ring Superstitions & Myths

18 September 2015
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Dropping the Wedding Ring during the ceremony shakes out the evil spirits is just one of many Wedding Ring myths. Do you believe them?

The Wedding Ring is one of the most personal and treasured possessions a person can have. Not only are they a true symbol of love and declaration of commitment, they are also truly beautiful in the eye of the beholder.

Over the years there have been many superstitions and myths surrounding the Wedding Ring and a number of old wives tales which have been passed on for generations. Here are some of the most common superstitions and myths which we associate with wedding rings. Some of them may be true, some may not - we will leave that for you to decide:


1) A  Wedding Ring that is too loose could mean a parting of the ways, through careless acts of forgetfulness.

This particular superstition looks at the lack of care and attention which has gone into the buying of the rings. By not making sure the ring is a perfect fit shows complacency and being slightly forgetful, thus resulting in the parting of two supposed loved ones.


2) Tying a thread to your gold Wedding Band and dangling it over your baby bump will determine the gender of your unborn child.

Probably one of the most peculiar wedding ring myths, but if you decide to choose a gorgeous 18ct Yellow Gold Wedding Ring and dangle it over your bump, it's thought to determine the sex of your unborn child. If the ring swings back and forth your baby is going to be a boy and if it swings around in a circle then it is a girl.




3) A tight Wedding Ring might point to painful jealousy or the stifling of one party by the other.

Similar to the previous myth, if the ring is too tight and simply doesn't fit it is thought to be a clear indication that there are straints on the relationship and points in the direction of restrictions and jealousy between a couple.

4) Dropping the Wedding Ring during the ceremony shakes out the evil spirits.

This myth has been associated with wedding ring for many years is if the wedding ring is dropped by either the bride or groom on their wedding day, then it is thought to shake and release evil and negative spirits. By releasing these evil spirits it is thought to cleanse the ora of the couple and allow for a long and harmonious future of love.

5) The Wedding Ring is worn on the third finger because the vein there runs directly to the heart.

Probably one of the myths, which has turned into a marital tradition. The "Wedding Finger" is placed on the third finger and the vein on this finger is thought to run directly to your heart, in comparison to the right hand.

Although, if you ask any medical professional they will inform you that there is no conclusive evidence that there is a blood vessel, which flows directly to the heart from any of the fingers. It may have started as a myth, but it is now one of the most important wedding traditions.

6) Gold or Silver rings were given on occasions as a way for the bride/groom to show they trusted their partner with valuable property.

It is thought that the giving of a Gold or Silver Wedding Ring displayed complete trust and faith of a loved one. Sometimes this led to the giving of a key shaped ring to the bride when they arrived at their new/current marital abode.


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Those were just a few of the many Wedding Ring myths and superstitions which have been gracing marriages for many years. Some may be completely out of the ordinary and outrageous, but what we do know is the shear importance of your Wedding Ring and how it truly symbolises the love for one another.

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