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5 Interesting Facts about London’s Hatton Garden

30 May 2016
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Hatton Garden is London’s prestigious jewellery hub, and home to some of the finest pieces of jewellery in the UK.

Workshops and retail stores make up the area,  drawing people in from all over the country with its unrivalled reputation for detail and design.

A bustling jewellery hotspot is what Hatton Garden is most famed for, but there's more to the area than you might know:

  • The first retail jewellery store was opened in Hatton Garden in 1962, by Laurence Graff of Wittelsbach-Graff, who began his career as an apprentice in a jeweller's workshop. Before then, it's extensive network of tunnels housed many workshops and factories and it was actually most famed for its areas of green - hence the name.

  • It is now home to nearly 300 local businesses and over 30 shops, making it the largest jewellery retail cluster in the UK. Hatton Garden is synonymous with jewellery, but you will more recently find other industries residing there, especially creative and advertising agencies.  

  • Hatton Garden's neighbouring streets formed the inspiration for the ciminilaised slums depicted in Oliver Twist. The area has certainly scrubbed up a little since Charles Dickens' day, but the original inspiration can still be found (as pointed out but the Dickens pub crawl).

  • Hatton Garden was home to the invention of the machine gun. Its creator, Sir Hiram Maxim had a small factory there in 1881 and it's from there that the first was designed and produced, being able to fire 666 rounds per minute.

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