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How we source our diamonds

Something that is very important to anyone shopping for diamond jewellery is that they’re getting a good deal. This may be the price you want to spend or the quality of diamond you are purchasing.

We have spent over 10 years refining our buying process to ensure we purchase our diamonds at the best prices. Any savings are then passed directly onto our customers. Due to the volume we sell and the stock that we hold, we purchase larger quantities of diamonds than many other jewellers (Usually 100cts at a time). This enables us to buy them at a far better price.

This diagram will also show how we ensure to buy direct from the source and remove any middle points that can add to the cost of a diamond.

How we source our diamonds

If would like more information or would simply like to speak to us regarding a purchase you can contact us on sales@diamond-heaven.co.uk or 0121 200 1300.