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Jewellery Care

Jewellery Care

Once your jewellery arrives, our service doesn’t end there, we want to help you keep it in excellent condition. Follow our care tips below to make sure your jewellery stays looking as stunning as the day you bought it:

Keep it away from cream and soap

When applying any sort of body cream or soap, remove your jewellery first. Soap and cream can get behind the setting of diamonds, and will make them appear less sparkly.

Avoid exposure to impact or dirt

Before doing any gardening or manual labour you should remove all hand jewellery, or at the very least wear gloves. Soil and grit can easily get into your jewellery’s setting, affecting both the look and feel of your rings and bracelets. Although diamond is an incredibly hard substance, it is still prone to cracks and chips when impacted at high pressure, particularly when cut into an ornate shape, as it is for jewellery.

Remove it before swimming

Chlorine can react with metal, creating a tarnished look, and if you’re planning on being particularly active in the water, there’s a chance your jewellery could fall off or become damaged. Store it somewhere safe for peace of mind while you take a dip.

Play safe during sports or exercise

Remove any jewellery before taking part in any sport or physical exercise to eliminate the risk of damaging your items, and injuring yourself or somebody else.

Clean with caution

Don’t use off-the-shelf jewellery cleaning products as, although they will make your items appear shinier in the short term, in the long term they will tarnish your jewellery and make it appear dull. If you’d like to clean your jewellery your best policy is to bring it into one of our stores in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter or London’s Hatton Garden and ask one of our experts to clean it for you. If this is not possible, try using one of the recommended methods below:

Washing up liquid

Use a small amount of high quality washing up liquid on an old toothbrush, and scrub your jewellery in warm water, in order to release any grease and clean the metal. While doing this must ensure that there is a plug in your sink at all times. You can then pat the jewellery dry with a lint-free cloth.

Household ammonia

Place the jewellery in a small bowl containing a half-and-half solution of ammonia and cold water for thirty minutes. Lift it out and gently tap around the front and back of the mounting with a small soft brush. Swirl the jewellery in the solution a second time, before rinsing it and drying it on tissue paper.

Vodka on the rocks

No one is quite sure how this method was discovered, but it certainly does the trick! Simply let your diamond jewellery soak in a glass of vodka (preferably one that you do not intend to drink!) until its sparkle returns, and then pat it dry.

Keep it safe

When you’re not wearing your jewellery, always make sure it’s kept in a secure place such as a locker or a safe. If you don’t have a safe at home, consider installing one for added security. When transporting multiple items of jewellery try to keep them separated wrapped individually, to avoid them becoming scratched or damaged - remember, a diamond can mark another diamond as well as other softer materials.

Ensure you’re insured

As diamonds are naturally very high value items, you must insure them to protect yourself against loss, theft or damage of your jewellery. Although it is advisable to get specific jewellery insurance to cover all bases, some home insurance will cover specific items such as engagement rings, but this is not a blanket policy across all insurance companies. If you want to have your jewellery covered under home insurance, you should make sure your items are individually listed with your insurer. When you buy jewellery from Diamond Heaven we will provide you with a valuation for insurance purposes, which you should use when securing any quotes for your cover.

For specialist jewellery insurance we recommend T.H March Ltd. You can find out more about their services here:

Don’t ignore damage

All our jewellery is hand set by experts with over 30 years’ experience, and each item passes through our strict quality control system before being released to a customer. However, even with this care and attention, it is still possible for diamonds to become dislodged from their settings. Most commonly, this occurs when the jewellery is:

  • caught on an item of clothing
  • caught on a door handle - (this one is quite common, watch out for them!)
  • worn in bed
  • exposed to some form of external pressure

If you think you may have damaged your ring, then please contact us. It is important that you tell us exactly what happened, in order to ensure that we treat your jewellery in the correct way. If we’re not made aware of how the damage occurred, it becomes difficult for us to assess and repair it in the correct manner.

Even if your jewellery hasn’t suffered any direct trauma, it’s a good idea to have it checked over by a professional from time to time, to make sure that any prongs holding diamonds or gemstones in place haven't become bent or weakened.

It is our policy to look after all of our customers for life, so please get in touch if there’s anything we can do to assist you with the care of your jewellery.

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