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Fancy Colour Diamonds

Coloured Diamonds are just as rare as high quality colourless diamonds. For example, you may end up paying more for an M ‘Slightly Tinted’ diamond, than a D ‘Colourless’ diamond. There are a few reasons for this. Only 1 in every 10,000 diamonds will be graded as a fancy colour diamond. This means they’re a lot harder to find and as such carry a much larger price. However, Carat, Clarity and certification are still important aspects to consider when purchasing a fancy colour diamond.

We’ve specially designed the below guide to give you a quick crash course in understanding fancy colour diamonds.

Understanding the Fancy Colour Grading Scale.

This is the most important aspect to consider when purchasing a fancy colour diamond. Unlike the normal colour scale for diamonds, the fancy colour diamond scale refers to how intense the colour the diamond is.

When shopping for a fancy colour diamond you need to look into how intense the colour of the diamond is. Fancy colour diamonds are graded in order of increasing intensity from Faint, Very Light, Light, Fancy Light, Fancy Intense, Fancy Vivid, Fancy Dark, and Fancy Deep.

Another important fact to take into consideration is if the colour has occurred naturally in the diamond or whether it’s exposed to some artificial means to give the stone its colour.

Fancy colour diamonds sold by Diamond Heaven are all natural.

How do these diamonds acquire their colour?

This is the interesting part about coloured diamonds; depending on which material has interacted with the diamond while it was being formed will determine what colour it turns out to be.

Yellow, Pink & Brown Diamonds.

These diamonds will usually have interacted with nitrogen for instance; this then causes the different colour hues in the diamond. It is fair to assume that the more nitrogen the more intense the colour.

Blue or Blue-Grey Diamonds.

These colour diamonds will usually have interacted with boron. This then produces a more blue/blue-grey colour in the diamond.

Red, Violet, Blue or Green.

Hydrogen reacting within the diamond formation process will result in these coloured diamonds forming. As with all the different colours available they’re extremely rare, so when one comes up don’t be surprised if it has a substantial price tag. It’s possible that the colour may never occur in that grade again.

Other ways Fancy Colour Diamonds Occur.

These colours can also occur without any of the chemicals above being involved. For example, extremely high pressure while the diamond is being formed can lead to pink, purple or red diamonds being formed.

Radiation can also play a part in some coloured diamonds, usually blue or green colours occur from this; don’t worry they won’t be harmful anymore!

Why are Black diamonds black?

There have been a number of theories behind this. One is that they’re just a very low quality of diamond. As we sell quite a few black diamonds, we have taken part in some extensive research to get to the bottom of the reason.

Black diamonds have a completely different crystal structure to a standard colourless diamond, whereas a normal diamond will reflect the light back out making the diamond sparkle. A Black diamond actually absorbs the light. The technical name for them is ‘carbonado’.

What is interesting is that scientists can’t agree how these diamonds are actually formed. Some opinions are that due to them being particularly close to the Earth’s centre, while others believe they’re formed when meteorites strike the earth.

Colour diamonds are extremely rare; make sure you grab yours today!

If you are unsure or have a specific request for a fancy colour diamond then please contact us on sales@diamond-heaven.co.uk or 0121 200 1300.