Diamond Certificates

If you are buying a diamond ring 'certification' is a phrase you will have come across quite regularly when doing your research.

So what is a diamond certificate?

A diamond certificate is an evaluation of the diamond that is done by an independent company confirming the colour, clarity, and carat. You may see other names for these such as diamond grading reports, diamond dossiers and more.

Diamond Heaven Certification.

At diamond heaven we want to keep the magic of buying a diamond as it should be. Stress free! That is why all of our diamond solitaries over 0.30ct are independently certified. This allows you to have peace of mind and concentrate on what's important. Finding the engagement ring for you!

We have two levels of certification we sell on diamond heaven to ensure that every customer gets a fully certified diamond that they can cherish forever.

Our first is the more recognised certification by the GIA (Gemmological Institute of America), IGI (International Gemmological Institute), AGI (Antwerpse Gemologische Instelling) and HRD (Hoge Rood Voor Diament) . We buy these diamonds already certified which means they may cost a little more than our other option. However as we buy direct from diamond site holders (the guys who buy from debeers) meaning we don't pay the costs incurred when buying these diamonds from dealers. The saving we make is then passed onto you! All diamonds certified by the laboratories will have their clarity, colour, carat and cut grade. They will also have the diamond measurements and fluorescence listed on the certificate.

Our second is the independent certification. When we buy these diamonds they are brought in packets of 50-100. This packet will have stones simply marked SI and D-G. Buying the diamonds in this way allows us to purchase high quality stones at fantastic prices. These diamonds are then sent off to an independent lab where they are evaluated for colour, clarity and carat. The lab then produces the certificate which confirms the exact quality of the diamond. These diamonds are certified by the IDG (Independent Diamond Grading Laboratory) and the EGL (European Gemmological Institute). These stones get you the certified diamond for considerably less than you would pay online or on a high street! Unbelievable value money!

Depending on the size of the diamond these certificates may also have a clarity map locating all the inclusions in the diamond.

At diamond heaven we give you the choice. We aim to advise you so that you ensure you find the perfect diamond for you.


A common question when a customer buys an eternity ring or a trilogy ring is will the diamonds be certified?

In an eternity ring there can be up to 30 stones in particular designs. These stones will also be around 10-15 points. If we were to certify each of these stones individually the cost would be astronomical! Therefore at diamond heaven in all our multi-stone diamond rings we give you the DH Diamond guarantee. You will receive a special certificate from us confirming the diamond grades of your diamond eternity ring or diamond tennis bracelet for example. This ensures that you have a record of what quality diamonds you have brought without adding on the huge cost of certifying all of the diamonds.

So as you can see at diamond heaven we make sure that all the bases are covered so that you don't have to! If you would like anymore advice then feel free to call our team on 0121 200 1300 today!